Oppo F19S – A Great Deal For the Smart Phone Enthusiasts


The Oppo F19S is arguably one of the best mobile phones of this year. It is equipped with a powerful processor, plenty of memory space, a large screen and a number of high resolution cameras as well. If you are looking to buy Oppo F19S online, you will find that there is a lot of choice and many stores have it available to buy. This article will briefly look at what you should expect when you buy Oppo F19S online. oppo f19s

The Oppo F19S has a dual-core processor which operates at speeds of up to 3ghz. The phone will come with a quad-core Qualcomm Technologies MSM8 chipset along with the Adreno A1 snapdragon six 6260 chipset. The smartphone is available through Flipkart, Oppo and e-store, and quickly for sale at 4PM on the day of this article. KEY DESIGNATION The Oppo F19S has a brushed metal body, unlike some modern smartphones which use plastic.

In terms of internal specs, the Oppo F19S has a dual-core Qualcomm Technologies MSM8 chipset along with the Adreno A1 snapdragon six sixty-two chipset. On the other hand, some variants of the Oppo F19S have the dual-core MSMAC and the Adreno A1 dual-core. The Adreno A1 has a higher output of power compared to the MSM8 which will result in faster and better performance. Meanwhile, the dual-core MSMAC will give the Oppo F19S good speed.

The Oppo F19S has a dual-core Adreno A cores along with the clocked MSMAC. As compared to the predecessors, the Oppo f19s will have an enhanced Adreno A1 with better performance. Furthermore, this handset has an improved memory capacity of RAMDroid. This will result in better and smooth performance of the device. There are many other added features in this handset like, dual-mode Bluetooth, HID, HD camera, WiFi and lots more. The dual-mode Bluetooth will allow the users to enjoy the mobile phone using BLE technology.

The Oppo F19S also has a nice camera which can be used to capture beautiful images. Moreover, the user will have the chance to enjoy plenty of facilities like FM radio, MMS, text messaging and plenty more. With the octa-core snapdragon 6162 MSM8, the performance of the device will get increased. The AdrenoA core is used in this handset to make the processing of the multimedia tasks faster.

It is said that the Oppo F19S has got some of the best features in comparison to its predecessors. The Oppo F19S is a great device if you want to enjoy the best of mobile telephony in India at a reasonable price. If you are thinking about the budget and the features, go for the Oppo F19S. The new version of this device will offer lots of exciting facilities to the users such as dual-mode Bluetooth, HID, HD camera, wifi and many more.